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More and more people are trying to pass there test without using a professional driving instructor. However you are twice as likely to pass your test if you use a qualified professional. We have a great pass rate at Lincoln Driving School. Your qualified driving instructor should have a clear identification card that shows his accredited qualifications. They can get these passes from a number of different places but one that is very popular is a company called Lesar. They have a number of different options to get these cards. One way is to purchase a ID card printer machine which will allow them to print on plastic and therefore create these cards at any moment.A leading brand of ID printer is the Evolis ID Printers range. Most driving instructors do not like this option as a printer can be quite costly however Lesar do have some good options to purchase one. A more preferred option is to get a company to print them and design them for you. This is a great service and Lesar do a fantastic service for this. They can do next day ID card printing in certain circumstances. Please ring them to find out if it is possible. This service is the more preferred option as you can print the ID cards as you need them. These cards are important as they give you a clear sign of confidence that the instructor is qualified to teach you.

The driving instructors in Lincoln are all well qualified and pride themselves on a relaxed and confident lesson. Experience and passion for the job leaves them all more that adapt to be able to teach. Learning to drive can be challenging but working with the right team will help you to have a greater experience. Please contact us for more information.